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Volvo B10BLE 


In 1997, SBS introduced Singapore's first low floor bus – the Volvo B10BLE registered as SBS1688K. This bus is fitted with a Volvo DH10A engine and Voith D863 gearbox. SBS1688K set two records – it is the first public bus in Singapore to comply with the stringent  Euro-2 emission standards as well as being the first public bus in Singapore to be bodied by Volgren. 3

Initially the bus served service 16, then service 36, then Express service 518, followed by 85. After service 85 was withdrawn on 27 July 2003, this bus was deployed on 27, 156 and 80 before settling down on service 82. With the cut-back of service 82 to Serangoon on 7 December 2003, this bus was relegated to the role of a spare bus. Now, SBS1688K is deployed on service 84, which is a peak hour service linking the new Punggol Interchange to Punggol east.

On 22 April 2002, Singapore's Minister of Environment Mr Lim Swee Say, unveiled Singapore’s first bus powered by compressed natural gas (CNG). The Volgren-bodied bus, SBS2988M, started service in May 2002. The second bus, SBS2989K, was introduced soon after.  Both buses were deployed on service 712, which plied between Jurong East interchange and Jurong Island. On 30 June 2003, the contract for Jurong Island services ended. As a result, these two buses went into hibernation in Bukit Batok Depot. They re-appeared on 25 August 2003 on service 105.

12 CNG buses were ordered but the remaining 10 are still not on the roads yet. There are speculations that they will be out on the roads soon, and be deployed on 105, 174 and 98.

Technical / Operational Information

  Diesel-powered  CNG-powered 
Registration number range  SBS1688K SBS2988M - SBS2989K
Fleet size 1 2
Engine Volvo DH10A  Volvo GH10B 
Gearbox  ZF 4HP500

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