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Volvo B10M-61 Mk III


SBS introduced 300 B10M-61 Mk 3s progressively from 1992 onwards. 20 of these buses, SBS616A - SBS635U, were used by its subsidiary SBS Leisure for the Sentosa bus services. These 20 buses later returned to mainstream service after SBS Leisure replaced them with 20 Soon Chow-bodied B10M-60 Mk 4s.

In 2001, SBS started to refurbish some of the B10M Mk 3s. Currently, most of the buses in passenger service has been refurbished. The grey fabric aircon duct had been replaced in favour of purple plastic ones,  seat covers were changed to the newer purple ones from the two-toned blue covers, as well as the fact that the  floor covering had been changed to increase safety from accidental slips and falls.

Amongst these, 60 of them have a third brake light situated below the rear window. These buses have been registered with the Malaysian authorities for use on service 170. During the off peak periods for service 170, it is common to find some of these buses deployed on other Bukit Batok Depot services. Due to restrictions from the relevant authorities in Malaysia, these 60 buses are not allowed to be repainted in the new livery yet.

Technical / Operational Information

Registration number range  SBS582M - SBS881A
Fleet size  300
Engine  Volvo THD101GC 
Gearbox  Voith D381.4 

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