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Volvo B10M MkIV 


In 1995, SBS started to introduce B10M-60 Mk 4 buses. The B10M Mk 4 has an intercooler at the nearside instead of a radiator at the front, which is found on its predecessors. 115 examples with Duple Metsec body, and a another 200 examples with Alexander Strider body were introduced in 1995. The newest batch of 150 buses were fitted with a new Duple Metsec body, the DM3500, and were introduced progressively between 1997 and 2000.

Technical / Operational Information

Body  Duple Metsec

Alexander Strider

Duple Metsec DM3500
Registration number range SBS882Y - SBS996C

SBS1896B - SBS1999M; 

SBS2593T - SBS2688D

SBS2689B -  SBS2838M
Fleet size  115 200 150

Volvo THD101GD

Volvo THD102KF Volvo DH10A
Gearbox  ZF 4HP500 Voith D863.3 

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