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Volvo Olympian 2-Axle 


In 1994, SBS introduced 100 non air-conditioned 2-axle Volvo Olympian buses that were fitted with Alexander Royale bodies, which are also fitted on  the air-conditioned version. These buses were the last non air-conditioned buses bought by SBS. The 100 2-axle Volvo Olympians used to be rather well-distributed amongst the three SBS districts, but now almost all of them have been transferred to the West District to replace the 2-axle Leyland Olympians.

In around 2000, SBS sold 2 of the buses SBS7204J and SBS7251Y to Pennine of Manchester and Metroline of London, respectively. They were re-registered as K174EUX and M650ELA respectively.

Technical / Operational Information

Registration number range SBS7198T - SBS7297R
Fleet size  100
Engine  Volvo TD102KF
Gearbox  Voith DIWA 851.2

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