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Volvo Olympian 3-Axle 


In 1993, SBS successfully introduced the air-conditioned Leyland Olympian buses. When SBS wanted to introduce new Olympians, the production of Olympian chassis had been taken over by Volvo.

The first batch of 201 Volvo Olympians were introduced between 1994 and 1995. The first 101 have four emergency exit doors while the others have two. The locations of the two emergency exit doors that are in common are at the rear of the second deck and the offside of the first deck. The additional two are located at the nearside and offside of the second deck (fourth window from the front).

In 1996, the second batch of 200 buses went into service progressively. The main difference between these buses and those of the first batch is that they do not have any emergency exits. Instead, they have windows that can be broken in case of emergency. The third batch of 70 buses that started service in 2000 have exactly the same specifications as those of the second batch.

After the completion of the 70 Olympians ordered by SBS, Volvo decided to close down the production lines of Olympian chassis, and is replaced by the Volvo Super Olympian (Volvo B10TL).

Technical / Operational Information

  Batch 1  Batch 2  Batch 3 
Registration number range  SBS9200G - SBS9400X SBS9401P - SBS9600K SBS9601H - SBS9670H
Fleet size  201 200 70

Volvo TD102KF 

Volvo D10A 
Gearbox ZF 4HP500

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